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Tokyo Disney Sea V. Spring Carnival

Here is a very colorful commercial

So, instead of a dreary update, how about something very colorful? Previously I posted a little about Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS), so I thought that I would expand on that a little.

the entrance all decorated for Spring
the entrance all decorated for Spring

While my mom was still in Japan, I took her to TDS where the current theme was “Spring Carnival.” Every few months, TDS and Tokyo Disney Land (TDL) will have a new theme revolving around the season or whatever character(s) are popular at the time. Currently at TDL they opened a new ride based off of Monsters Inc., but I have heard it is a flop. There is usually a five hour wait and all you do is sit, wave a flashlight around, and “search” for monsters. Not the point, the point is that because of this new ride the TDL theme is all about Monsters Inc.. I have not been there to see it, but I don’t really want to shove out the money to see a theme based on a “crappy” ride.

Tinkerbell and her friends
Tinkerbell and her friends

Moving right along, the “Spring Carnival” theme is done every year (at least it had been advertised previously when I was a JSP student i believe), but of course there are always new additions. The new additions this year was a new show on Mediterranean Harbor revolving around Tinker Bell and her friends from the CG movie. Of course, the fairies were played by foreigners and it kind of became my dream (more of a hope maybe?) that I could be a Disney character at TDL or TDS. Their show on the lake was called “Fairies Primavera” and, as the website describes it, “[a]udience participation will be an important part of the show, so be prepared to join in and clap your hands to the rhythm of the music!” Oh yeah, on the website there is a video with Mickey and Minnie teaching you the dance so you are all ready for when you go to TDS (Yes, I was a nerd and learned it before I went).

Now you can learn the dance too!!

Other than this special show, the biggest thing about the “Spring Carnival” theme were the decorations. I could attempt to write about them all, but I think a little image gallery would do it more justice. The below pictures are from the “Fairies Primavera” show and of the decorations around TDS. I will do another post later about the different areas of TDS (especially the Mermaid Lagoon area).

That is about it for TDS and its “Spring Carnival” theme. I’ll be sure to post pictures of other themes when I go to see them. I have been a few times already (about 5 to be precise) but since those happened a while ago and the theme is “old” I’ll just pass on those. My boyfriend and I are big Disney people, so those post might end up being once a month.


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