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Junior High School Bukatsu

Something interesting happened at my junior high school on Friday. It was apparently the day that students had to decide which school club activity (bukatsu 部活)they wanted to participate in. Until Friday, and this is mostly for the first year students, students were able to check out a different club every day. I am not… Continue reading Junior High School Bukatsu

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Japanese TV Can Sometimes Annoy Me

Something I had noticed before when I was an exchange student, but forgotten until the recent addition of a TV to my apartment, is Japan’s annoying trend of showing the same thing over and over and over again on TV. I am not talking about commercials (although some of those are annoying as well), but… Continue reading Japanese TV Can Sometimes Annoy Me

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Night Patrol Teacher cont.

Chapter 4: The Sad Coming of Age Ceremony I met a 19-year-old boy. In a terrible downpour, I found him dressed in ragged clothes curled in a ball under a pedestrian bridge on an old futon. He had the vacant eyes of someone addicted to drugs. When I called out to him he shouted, “you… Continue reading Night Patrol Teacher cont.