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「十人十色」の始まり(“Ten people, ten color”‘s Beginning)

It has been over two years since I made my first dream a reality: I participated in the Japan Studies Program (JSP) for a full year. During that time, I felt it obvious that I would return to Japan to complete the second half of my dream: work as an English teacher in Japan.
As an undergradute, I applied to both the JET Programme and the KET (Kawagoe Exchange Teaching) Program, but felt that KET better suited my needs as it guarenteed that I would be placed in the same area I had studied abroad in two years earlier (this is the only real distinguishing feature between JET and KET). I arrived in Japan to begin my life as an Assistant English Teacher (AET) in August of 2008 – just a few short months after I graduated from Willamette University with a degree in Japanese Studies. Knowing that this experience would be far different from my experience as an exchange student, I readied myself to come to Japan with a much more open mind than I had coming as an exchange student. What awaited me was nothing like what I expected.
Having already been living an working in Japan for over half a year now, there have been many eye-opening experiences and life changing encounters – perhaps even more than when I was a part of the JSP Program. Despite this being a late start to this blog, I feel like I should once again begin to share my story, observations, and attained knowledge with those willing and wanting to read.
So, with that being said, here we go:

Taken from the window on my flight to Japan (July 31, 2008)


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